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With America incarcerating more of its youth than any other country in the world, 'No Place For Children' explores the real impact of America’s juvenile justice system through telling the stories of those who are caught up within it. It's centered around three families living thousands of miles apart, with little in common except one thing: all have sons in prison, serving sentences longer than they’ve been alive.....

This film goes beyond a polemic of the juvenile justice system, documenting the multi-dimensional aspects of these stories and the daily struggles of those they have left behind, posing questions about ethical dilemmas and accountability when sentencing youth.

Featuring some of the leading experts in this field, this film tells the stories of those directly affected including the Elkhart 4 as they navigate the criminal justice system, facing upwards of 50 years behind bars. 

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Directed and Produced by Carlye Rubin & Katie Green

Edited and Produced by Tina Grapenthin

Executive Produced by Marc Abrams & Patty Casby