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We're excited to announce that Smoke & Apple Films will be co-producing A Place of Absence directed by Marialuisa Ernst. We're thrilled to support this incredibly talented first time filmmaker!

Interweaved with Marialuisa's own personal story of her family's search for her uncle (who vanished during the Argentine regime in 1976), the film follows a group of Central American women as they make an annual 2,500 mile bus journey through Mexico to search for their missing family members who, like 70,000 others, have gone missing while crossing the Mexican border into America. They march in the streets, search in brothels, drug dens and mass graves, finally arriving at the Mexican senate to ask for support and in hopes of finding answers. 

Help support this beautiful and important film by donating to the indiegogo campaign.  There is an urgency to raise enough funds to continue filming some significant developments with the characters and their stories right now!