Finally, tonight you can watch the film as its broadcast premiere will be on HBO at 9PM - we hope you all tune in! You can view promo here:

Below are some press clippings from the past few weeks:
Clip from Interview with Huff Post Live:
Clip Seen on Access Hollywood (starts at 2:05):
Mention in Red Carpet Crash:
Interview in MovieMaker Mag:
Interview in NewsWeek:

Review in New York Times:

Review in Boston Globe: 


We enjoyed the film's festival run and were moved by how audiences truly engaged with the stories told and subject matter. The film won an honorable mention at LA New Wave Film Festival, the Audience Award at Crossroads Film Festival and we nearly sold out the theater at our first screening at Sarasota Film Festival! The stars truly aligned when all three of our subjects joined us, along with Executive Producer Rosie O'Donnell in New York for the premiere at HBO. It was a dream to have all three of our dear friends fly in from their respective homes to meet in person for the first time! 

Hope you all tune in to HBO tonight at 9PM !

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