THANKYOU!  Your generous contributions afforded us the ability to take several filming trips to Indiana and Texas to continue documenting these stories while editing simultaneously. Most notably, we finally were able to gain access to meet and film with Blake in prison (as you may recall, there is a $5,000 fee to film inside Wabash Correctional Facility). We also traveled back to Abilene, TX to retrace some difficult steps where Charity's life was forever changed just 7 years ago. It has been a busy and intense few months but we are encouraged by the story/character development unfolding before us.

Elkhart 4 update:
We are excited to share some very good news regarding the appeal of The Elkhart 4. Just last week the boys won a small victory when the Appellate court recognized various mitigating factors, including their status as juveniles, and reduced their sentences so that they are equal with that of Jose, 45 years instead of 55 years in prison, the minimum sentence for Felony Murder in Indiana. Even more encouraging, there remain further appeals pending because the sentences are still believed to be too harsh. To find out more, please read this.