The (Dead Mothers) Club

The (Dead Mothers) Club tells the stories of three women whose mothers died during adolescence - a Southern artist making sense of her past while redefining herself through her artwork; a high school senior struggling to gain independence from her close-knit family; and a Brazilian living in NY, navigating first-time motherhood while discovering her genetic fate.

The film reveals how coming of age without their mothers has and continues to play a role in their lives. Structured around a series of ‘dialogues’ featuring Rosie O’Donnell, Jane Fonda and Molly Shannon who speak candidly about their own experiences and thread the stories of the three women followed together. From their intricate relationships with 'mother figures', the cyclical nature of grief to their own mortality, the women of the club provoke thoughts surrounding the innate and complicated nature of the mother/daughter relationship, even in its absence…

Directed and Produced: Carlye Rubin & Katie Green

Edited and Produced: Tina Grapenthin

Executive Produced: Rosie O'Donnell, Sheila Nevins, Regina Kulik Scully & David Rubin

Senior Produced: Lisa Heller

Associate Produced: Hope Edelman, John Green, Mishy Balaban, Sara Mooradian, Rachel Rosenthal & Sophie Paik

Music: Mike Thies

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"small but striking film"- The New York Times

"Something that resonates with audiences"- MovieMaker Magazine

"Moving, heavy, sad, inspiring"- Newsweek